about the artist

Taylor Barnes is a interdisciplinary fibers artist creating work that expresses personal experiences dealing with race, identity, and social critique. With a research-based approach on history and its permanent effects on the present, her work explores the internal and external complexities of being a black woman in America today.

In May 2019 she received her MFA in Fibers from the University of North Texas. Barnes has had important exhibitions in 2019 including solo exhibitions Read My Mind at 500x Gallery, My Genesis at UNT on the Square and Sacred Spaces at Erin Cluley Gallery. Barnes lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Taylor has been the recipient of awards such as Surface Design Association’s Outstanding Student Award in 2017; Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Scholarship 2018; honorable mention at the 58th annual Voertmans Competition 2018; Trinity Valley Quilter’s Guild Scholarship 2018 . She has been a Visiting Artist at Haywood Community College of Creative Arts in North Carolina 2018.  Taylor’s work has been exhibited by Erin Cluley Gallery (TX) 500x Gallery (TX), Temporary Collective at 500 Singelton (TX) Janette Kennedy Gallery (TX) The ARTROOM Gallery (TX), Gallery 76102 (TX); Greater Denton Arts Council (TX); Cora Stafford Gallery at UNT; Lightwell Gallery at UNT; Union Gallery at UNT; UNT on the Square (TX). She also lead a workshop with Eyeland Studio at Magictown Movement Studio (NC) in 2018.

To listen to Taylor’s Artist Spotlight with KERA FM Art & Seek follow the link: http://artandseek.org/spotlight/working-in-black-and-white/